Associate Scientist III

Location: South San Francisco, CA

Blade Therapeutics is advancing novel anti-fibrotic therapies to meet important patient needs in an area that has seen little innovation to date. Several rare/orphan and chronic debilitating conditions manifest as a consequence of fibrosis, a complex, pathologic process in which progressive scarring replaces functional tissue. We are seeking to develop therapies to modify disease progression, and in some cases, potentially reverse the fibrotic damage to tissue.

Blade is advancing a risk-diversified product portfolio to address various fibrotic diseases and their underlying pathophysiology. The Company has assembled a critical mass of fibrosis expertise and a top-tier leadership team and world-class network of advisors with unparalleled experience in anti-fibrotic drug R&D. Blade’s founding programs are based on the discoveries of Hal Dietz, M.D., Victor A. McKusick Professor of Genetics and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, whose pioneering research has elucidated a biological pathway that is enabling the discovery of small molecules to treat and potentially reverse fibrosis.

Blade’s objective is to be the leading anti-fibrotic company with a pipeline of novel therapies designed to address the unmet needs for innovative treatments to treat various fibrotic conditions.

Role: Associate Scientist III

We are looking for a scientist with a strong background in blood-based/cell-based assays, excellent skills at the bench, and high integrity to make a substantive contribution toward the success of this company.

Key Responsibilities

  • Optimize and run blood-based pharmacodynamic biomarker assays in an efficient and methodical manner within a fast-paced environment
  • Perform in-situ hybridization and immuno-histochemistry techniques using automated platforms.
  • Run in vitro assays to address drug mechanisms of action
  • Participate in interactions with various CROs to facilitate and augment internal activities
  • Design, execute, interpret, and troubleshoot quantitative assays in multiple areas in an efficient manner.
  • Analyze data and present results in small meetings
  • Apply scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities to troubleshoot and refine methods and assays.

Professional Experience/Qualifications

  • B.S/B.A. or Master degree in molecular / cell biology or related biology degree.
  • 6 + years’ (BS/BA)/4+years’ (MS) experience in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry.
  • Practical experience should be easily demonstrated by an intuitive understanding of experimental setup and design that is typical for a startup biotech company. Should be comfortable doing quick calculations and adapt protocols during experiments.
  • Experience with assays that utilize blood cells and other human primary cells is a plus.
  • Need to be a quick study by not being afraid to ask questions. Must be an open communicator.
  • Be enthusiastic about putting in extra effort during times of high activity and need.
  • Must be highly adaptable, well-organized, detail-oriented, flexible, and comfortable working in a high-risk, high-demand, and high-reward biotech environment.


An attractive compensation and benefits package will be provided.