Blade Therapeutics is a private biopharmaceutical company revolutionizing the treatment of fibrotic disease. Blade’s novel target biology was discovered by its founder, Hal Dietz, M.D., Victor A. McKusick Professor of Genetics and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University. Blade licensed intellectual property associated with Dr. Dietz’s work and is advancing new compounds to halt the progression of fibrotic disease. Fibrosis, a pathologic process in which progressive scarring replaces functional tissue, drives the progression of several debilitating diseases. By targeting novel pathways common to multiple fibrotic disease states, we believe we can build the leading company in anti-fibrotic drug discovery and development.

Blade has assembled scientific and leadership teams with unparalleled experience. Our scientific team as well as our Board have extensive expertise in fibrosis and the discovery and development of anti-fibrotic drugs. Blade’s scientific advisory board includes world renowned experts in the pathobiology of fibrotic disease.


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